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Glide Cream L Style Prewound Bobbins

"Finally, a high yield bobbin without tension variation!"
We are proud to introduce a magnetic core embroidery bobbins. The only bobbin specifically designed to sew without tension variation.

  • Uniform Tension Control - The patented magnetic core creates uniform tension throughout the entire bobbin.*
  • No more throwing away partially used bobbins due to erratic tensions.
  • More stitches per bobbin - More pieces sewn per bobbin, which translates into less bobbin changes, and reduced tension adjustments.
  • Less bobbin thread breaks
  • No (or very little) lint buildup
  • The Magnetic core eliminates overspin and backlash concerns
  • 100% continuous filament polyester
* Remove anti-backlash (check springs) from bobbin case prior to using the Fil-Tec magnetic embroidery bobbins.
230 usable yards per bobbin. Style "L" is for use in industrial/commercial embroidery machines.

Note: For use with machines that have metal bobbin casings. Magna-Glide bobbins will not work with Husqvarna Viking Designer I or Designer SE embroidery machines. These bobbins work best with machines that use clockwise feeding bobbins.