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Long Arm Quilting Services

How It Works!

We will be glad to help you finish your beautiful quilts!
At Ms Sew N’ Sew’s Quilt Shop, we offer a wide variety of computerized designs for quick edge-to-edge quilting and semi-custom work.

It’s as easy as, 1, 2, 3!

Choose Your Design

We offer quick edge-to-edge quilting and semi-custom work. Just choose your design and you’ll be on your way

Prepare & Mail Quilt

Drop off in person, or mail your quilt to us and we’ll ship it back

Check Your Mail!

We’ll get your quilt in the mail and send you the tracking info.


If you are already familiar with how quilting services work.
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Step 1

Choose Your Design

Edge to Edge

We offer quick edge-to-edge quilting and semi-custom work. Just choose your design and you’ll be on your way.

Edge to Edge quilting is a great option if you're looking for an easy and beautiful design at an affordable price.  Your design will be repeated across the whole quilt, for a clean and consistent look.  Great for utility quilts that will be washed and well-loved for years to come!

Price:  $0.02 - $.025 per square inch

Availability:  Immediate

Turn Around Time:  Currently 1-2 weeks

View Available Designs


Semi-custom quilting is a good choice for those who want a bit more detail on their quilts. This option would include a central edge-to-edge pattern of your choice, with separate designs in the borders & sashing, or other computerized block designs repeated across the quilt. Little or no stitch-in-the-ditch is included in this style.

Price: $0.035 - $0.05 per square inch

Availability: Immediate

Turn Around Time: Currently 2-3 weeks

 View Semi-Custom Designs
Step 2

Prepare Your Quilt

Here’s how to get your quilt ready for quilting:

  • Backing should be 4"-7” larger than your quilt top on all four sides (ex. if your quilt is 50” X 70”, we need your backing to be anywhere from                            58” x 78” to 64" X 84")
  • All layers should be separate (quilt top, batting, and backing) - they have to be loaded individually, so please don’t baste
  • Quilt top & backing should be pressed well so seams are nice & flat
  • Please trim the extra threads away from the back of your quilt - especially dark threads behind light fabrics
  • If your quilt has borders, measure through the center of your quilt, then cut borders to that exact measurement. This is known as "squaring" your quilt top and back. (If you haven’t done it that way before, go to “You Tube” they have great tutorials!) If borders are sewn on and then trimmed to fit, they won’t lay flat on the longarm, and this can result in puckering and pleats. 
  • We offer several different types of Hobbs batting options, or you’re welcome to send your own. Just make sure it’s a good, quilt shop quality batting - feel free to check with us prior to sending if you’re unsure.

Once your quilt is prepped and ready to go, just complete our quilting order form - here is where you can make all your selections and let us know exactly what you want!

Step 3

Check Your Mail!

When your quilt arrives in our studio:

  1. We’ll send an email to let you know it’s here safe & sound, and discuss designs as well as any other questions we may have.
  2. We’ll get the quilting done, trim up your quilt and send pictures of the finished product.
  3. At this time, we’ll also email an invoice which you can pay online with your credit card or bank account, or you can call our studio to pay by card via phone if preferred.
  4. Once your invoice is paid, we’ll get your quilt in the mail and send you the tracking info.
Please Note:

We are always happy to explain and instruct beginners in any of these steps that they do not understand. However, please understand the following fees will be assessed if you bring your quilt in and it is not prepared as explained above:

Quilt needs to be pressed: $30.00

Quilt top or back is not squared: $10.00

Also note that if you do not trim the extra threads from your quilt, we will not either. This could result in the extra threads showing through the finished product.

Pricing Calculator

Step 1: Enter the Width and Height